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Limitless Productions or Limitless PH logo and a picture of a filmmaker holding a cinema camera

LIMITLESS is a team of talented young creatives specializing in audio-visual communication and content conceptualization.

In spite of their youth, our team members have years of experience in the entertainment and creative industry through involvement in various production work prior to the team's conception.

In a world full of out-of-the-box thinkers, we strive to take the box and break it because we acknowledge that creativity is not bound by any limits.


It is our passion to create content and we are more than willing to collaborate with you and your brand in order to come up with fresh creative solutions for your needs.

We provide services for all-around photo and video production, event coverage, content creation and conceptualization.


LIMITLESS was founded on October 2015 as a passion project to create fresh and exciting online content for travel and lifestyle on social media. This shared interest eventually showed potential to become something greater when the team managed to land its first major client just a month after its conception.

Since then, LIMITLESS has created media content for various clients ranging from music, travel, fashion, events and corporate.

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